Learning Technologies 2008 London,

England Open source: It works but is it really free?

June, 2008

International Seminar of the UNESCO chair in e-Learning OPEN SOCIAL LEARNING Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Code, Community and Commerce for OSL June, 2013



Codebreakers Legacy Event Bletchley Park,

Gordon Welchman

9 November, 2013


The Stevenson Lecture, Royal Holloway, University of London

The Birth of Machine Cryptanalysis at Bletchley Park  

17 February 2014 


2015 Cryptologic History Symposium Laurel, Maryland Gordon Welchman: Bletchley Park’s Architect of Ultra Intelligence

23 October, 2015

Celebrating Bletchley Park, Brighton

Gordon Welchman: Bletchley Park's Architect of Ultra Intelligence

19-20 March 2016


Keynote: Information Security Group Open Day, Royal Holloway, University of London

Bletchley Park and the Industrialisation of Signals Intelligence  

22 June 2016


2017 Cryptologic History Symposium, Laurel, Maryland Alastair Denniston: Code-breaking from Room 40 to Berkeley Street and the Birth of GCHQ

20 October, 2017


The Reform Club, London

The Politics of Signals Intelligence

30 October 2017

Association of Business Historians Annual Conference 2018 at The Open University Business School in Milton Keynes.  Keynote Speaker.Pluralistic perspectives of business history: gender, class, ethnicity, religion29 - 30 June 2018