Acted as a consultant on a number of key projects for the Bletchley Park Trust.

Bespoke merchandise development

Worked with the senior management team to help develop a range of attractive and branded retail products which included:

  • The Official Bletchley Park Souvenir Guidebook

  • Bletchley Park Cluedo

  • Bletchley Park Top Trumps

  • A map showing Bletchley Park and pinpointing some of the key associated outstations

On-site exhibitions and interpretation

Worked with the senior management team and external exhibition consultants and suppliers to help develop the following:

  • The fully interactive 3D Enigma Cipher Machine Emulator available for visitors in the Bletchley Park museum.

  • A live theatrical production creating an authentic and immersive experience for visitors

  • An interactive and educational multimedia guide to help visitors explore Bletchley Park at their own pace.

  • A new Guided Walking Tour script to coincide with the completion of the restoration project.  Its purpose was to tell the Bletchley Park story in the context of the buildings and landscape.

  • A number of exhibitions including one in the Bletchley Park Mansion dedicated to Gordon Welchman, one devoted to the restoration of historic Bletchley Park, the use of the space in the restored Codebreaking Hut 6 and the main introductory exhibition in the Visitor Centre.  

  • As a member of the Bletchley Park Trust Historical Advisory Group, provides on-going advice to ensure that historical integrity is maintained in the development of all exhibitions and interpretation of space at Bletchley Park.

Assisting other authors

Joel Greenberg has provided historical input for other authors with writing their books including Tessa Dunlop and her book The Bletchley Girls.

Assisting SPYSCAPE

Joel Greenberg provided historical expertise to the development of the new SPYSCAPE museum in London, dedicated to telling the story of espionage.

Image: Bletchley Park merchandise.